Q: Why am I getting different prices from different companies for the same shipment?

A: Initial quotes from various companies are not set in stone.  Some companies will under quote potential customers initially, in order to entice the customer into signing up with them.  Later the customer learns that the shipment will cost more than they were originally quoted.   At Simple Car Shipping, our experience gives us the ability to confidently quote prices that get the job done, and done right.  


Q: Why can't you guarantee the pickup/dropoff on a specific day?

A: Factors such as weather, accidents or unexpected delays make estimating pickup/delivery times accurately impossible in some cases.  At Simple Car Shipping, our representatives make it a priority to monitor the delays for our transports so that our customers are aware of any scheduling changes with as much notice as possible.  


Q: How long in advance should I schedule my transport?

A:  It is never too soon to schedule a shipment, but there is such a thing as too late.  For the best pricing, we advise our clients to book with as much notice as possible.  

Please feel free to call today with any other questions or concerns.